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First, choose your prefired bisque ware. There are hundreds of shapes and sizes to selct from. Prices start at just $14 

Next choose the glazes to decorate your pottery. 

Vibrant colors can be used as well as specilty glazes

to acheive very dramatic effects

Our helpful staff will guide you every step

of the way. Creative fun for all ages.

No artistic ability is necesary.

As soon as you’re done with your pottery, it is

loaded into our special raku kiln and fired to

nearly 2000 degrees in less than an hour. The 

kiln is opened and the pottery is pulled out red hot!

Depending on your glazes, the pottery is

either caught on fire or left to cool in the air. 

The pottery is then

rapidly cooled in water.

Your new piece of art is now ready to take home with you! Raku pottery is perhaps the most exciting art event to participate in not only because of the heat and fire, but because of it’s immediancy.    

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