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JiM HeRriCk & FriEnDs
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Jim Herrick and Friends is a band from Colfax,WI.

Our first love is The Blues, however we do a wide range of music.

LuKe CaLleN BaNd

luke callen.jpeg

In an age of quick fixes, flashing screens, and pop ‘songs’ that are more formula than art, an album that takes its sweet time is a radical act. “Also Going Nowhere”, Luke Callen’s third full-length effort is just that – a collection of songs that spread out through time and space, dripping with honest Midwest charm and a mischievous glint. It’s music that you can relax into, paired with lyrics you’ll want to chew on and savor, that ask something of their listener. These songs are proof and reminder: you don’t actually have to go anywhere at all to, you know, get somewhere. 

 $10 - Children under 14 admitted free 



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