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Winter Rent The Shed Prices

Includes Café and Creative Zone Areas


Sale or Promotional Events: $125


Private Events (ex. Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Engagement Parties): $100


Fundraisers: $75


Other (ex. Church Groups, Youth Organizations, Community Service Organizations, Schools): $50


If the Creative Zone Space is going to be utilized for projects by the renting party the price will be discounted. Please call 715-468-4122 to discuss further.

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Let your creative tiger come out of the cage in the Creative Zone! You don't need to paint like Picasso to create great works of art. Our helpful staff will guide those needing assistance or get out of the way for those with experience. There are always fresh projects to choose from. Create a memory and make a piece of art that will last a lifetime. Great fun for all ages!


We can handle groups up to 60 with reservations.

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