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ThE MaSCot ThEoRy
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The Mascot Theory has been kicking around Wisconsin weekend-warrior style for the past decade, but like many musicians, the great pandemic-induced entertainment halt of 2020 forced the band to reflect and refocus musical efforts. With the core foundation of singer/songwriter Erik Kjelland and the rhythm section of Nick Fry on bass guitar and Paul Metz on drums, The Mascot Theory used this time off to slightly shift their sound away from their acoustic-driven folk-rock music and into a more classic rock inspired Rock and Roll groove, especially thanks to the addition of lead guitarist Cory who brings a strong musical swagger and reverence to the guitar gods of the past.

The new music travels into its classic rock influences; harmonies that bring to mind the Eagles or Poco, a bit of that Rolling Stones guitar swagger, a little ZZ Top blues rock, a dash of the Pink Floyd mood, but never straying far from the core of the Tom Petty/Beatle-esque importance of solid melody and lyrics. Songs like "When I Drift Away", "Lavender Blues" and "Fast Car Getaway" showcase the new album's infectious energy and beautiful harmonies within an eclectic landscape of well-crafted and memorable songs.

TuRn, tUrN, TuRn

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Turn Turn Turn is a trio who bonded over their mutual love of close harmony 60s and 70s country, folk, and pop music and formed an original Americana band. To create their distinctive sound, the band “turns” to the distant past of early American recorded music, “turns” again to that renaissance of the 1960s and 1970s, and finally “turns” again to the present looking forward. 

Members Adam Levy (guitar, vocals), Savannah Smith (guitar, vocals) and Barb Brynstad (bass, vocals) are all mainstays of the Minnesota music scene and together craft an infectious, pop-infused Americana.​

​Even though Turn Turn Turn was born as a cover band, the group's original material – sweetheart alt-country folk-pop  – quickly stole the spotlight.

 Turn Turn Turn’s Laurel Canyon meets 70's-Nashville-cosmic soul vibe is layered with three-part harmonies that stitch the band’s musical tapestry together. Brynstad, Smith, and Levy have distinct voices, and the combination – a “fourth voice” – is greater than the sum of its parts.

AND JaSoN StReiTz & JiMmY RoGerS

 $10 - Children under 14 admitted free 



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